BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

BVC's extensive range of Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners and ATEX approved cleaners provide effective reliable cleaning solutions for industrial work environments like warehouses, food production factories, pharmaceutical plants and potencially explosive atmospheres. Whether you are looking for a fully integrated cleaning system to serve the entire building or a high power portable machine to remove spills and dust on the production line, BVC offer a variety of models to suit your requirements. Many of our machines are now ATEX compliant to conform to EU regulations and provide the most reliable and hazard free cleaning system for your work environment

The Centurion Range

The Centurian range of cleaners are high power. Ease of use and portability are the key design parameters of our flagship Centurion range of heavy duty industrial vacuums which are capable of cleaning some of the most difficult industrial waste very rapidly, yet are versatile and extremely manoeuvrable.

The Combi Range

Specially designed range of highly manoeuvrable yet robust vacuum cleaners, purpose built on sturdy trolleys with a huge variety of accessories and filtration options, they are designed to solve cleaning problems in all industrial environments.

The Tower Range

Heavy duty Wet or Dry pick up industrial vacuum cleaner with individually switched 'By-pass' motors provide ample power for almost any job.

BVC have produced the ATEX approved industrial vacuum cleaners which have been developed for potencially explosive atmospheres.

The Indy Range

Single motor 'Wet or Dry' or 'Dry only' industrial vacuum cleaners with 40 litre capacity and robust construction.

The Stainless Range

Twin motor cleaners for the tough answer to light industrial applications.Compressed air driven model also available.

The Commercial Range

General floor/carpet cleaning and wet spillages in commerce/light industrial environments. Includes type H versions for toxic dust collection.